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The Harvestwear Bin Cover was expressly designed to meet stringent Coolchain requirements that stipulate picked fruit must not be left uncovered. These bin covers are made from LightBloc which is a technically advanced polyethylene cloth providing insulation from strong summer sunlight, ultraviolet rays and heat.

A special process is used to manufacture the yarn which creates micro-voids on the surface, reflecting light, repressing heat absorption and helping to block UV rays. A blackout coating laminated on the reverse side eliminates light transfer through the cloth. The woven, laminated construction means LightBloc can be used effectively in applications requiring water resistance. LightBloc is lightweight and easy to handle.


  • LightBloc fabric
  • Elasticised corner cords make for easy attachment to bins

Industry studies have shown exposure of fruit to temperatures over 25°C has a cumulative detrimental effect on its shelf life. Fruit left uncovered, once it has been picked, can reach temperatures far in excess of this. Scientifically-controlled studies have shown Harvestwear’s LightBloc to be capable of keeping fruit temperature below the ambient air temperature - even when the bin was placed in direct sunlight.

Results from the Study

During March 2012 in Hawke’s Bay over 3 fine, calm autumnal days a test was conducted to compare the temperatures of uncovered bins against covered bins.

6 x 400kg bins of apples were placed on a headland of the orchard and the 3 covers, made from different fabrics, were placed on alternating bins leaving an uncovered bin beside each covered one to serve as the controls.
Temperature probes were inserted into an apple at the top of each bin and data was logged every 5 minutes. The findings are as depicted on the graph:


The covered bins show a far more even fluctuation of temperature, and not rising above the ambient daytime temperature, compared to the extreme fluctuations of the uncovered bins.

Harvestwear’s LightBloc Bin Covers come in three standard sizes:

SIZE                      CODE

1200 X 1200         B120

1500 X 1060         B150

1560 X 1020         B156

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