The Cherry Harvester

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The Harvestwear Cherry Harvester combines ingenuity with practicality and functionality. The Cherry Harvester is the most crucial component in a complete picking system designed to reduce handling of delicate fruit to an absolute minimum.

The harvester itself consists of a wire frame designed to hold a 10 litre pail, shoulder straps and a waist belt. Ingeniously, the frame is free to pivot in its holder so that the pail stays horizontal at all times, allowing the picker to bend and/or reach forward without the fruit moving around. The result – bruise and blemish free fruit.

The Complete Cherry Harvester System

1. Fruit is picked into the Harvestwear Cherry Harvester.

2. Full pails are left under the rows with picker ID attached.

3. Pails are then picked up by tractor and trailer and loaded into bins. Three layers of pails can be placed in one bin by separating the layers with a steel mesh.

4. Bins are transported to the packing complex where fruit is placed in a hydrocooler for the initial cooling. The pails are vented to allow water to flow through.

5. Bins are then placed into the coolstore.

6. Fruit is handled for the very first time since it was picked when it is emptied onto the grading line

With Non-padded Harness - CODE: CH10

  • Harvester frame with webbing harness
  • Quick release buckle on waist belt

With Padded Harness - CODE: CH10/P

  • Harvester frame with Padded harness
  • Quick release buckle on waist belt

Note: the pail is not included with the Harvester – these are available from Stowers Containment Solutions.

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