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The YieldMax is a Premium fruitpicking bucket with innovative features to maximise your yield through minimising fruit bruising and wearer fatigue. Strong durable polyethylene shell with polyurethane foam casing and a strong, nylon oxford, replaceable liner. Featuring a simple, easy-to-use rope and hook catch system.

The kidney shaped shell fits to the wearer's body shape plus keeps the weight of the fruit closer to the body. The shell is tapered to be wider at the bottom which allows fruit to flow out of the bucket better when emptying. It also means the buckets can be nested on top of each other saving storage space and making transporting easier.

The YieldMax comes with 3 choices of harness;

Support+ Harness

Developed in response to requests from the industry for a better harness, the Support+ harness offers multiple benefits over the standard crossover harness.


  • -No foam padding to soak up water and feel wet on the wearer
  • -Easily washed to remove sweat and dirt
  • -Strong fabric with a little bit of stretch conforms to the picker’s shoulders and back shape
  • -Large surface area spreads the load of the bucket across the picker’s shoulders and back
  • -The harness is shaped so that it stays in place on the back helping to eliminate discomfort and back pain

Available this season with the Harvestwear Yieldmax bucket, this combination offers the very best in picking equipment.

Click Here for more info on the Support+ Harness.


Featuring comfortable wide shoulder pads with high-density foam and the broad rear pad which offers good lower back support and provides visibility in the orchard. The unique ‘handle & hook’ system of attachment to the bucket shell gives unrivalled comfort as it transfers the strain off the shoulders and spine, onto the hips and lumbar region of the back.

For emptying purposes the handles easily detach from the hooks in 1 quick movement so the bucket can swing freely away from the body, allowing the fruit to be placed gently and easily at the bottom of the bin.


A traditional style harness with two wide shoulder pads in high-density foam crossing over at mid-back area.


There is a choice of 2 capacities; 28 Litre (3/4 Bushel) as standard and a larger version measuring 36 Litre (1 bushel).


28 Litre with Support+ Harness- YM2810S
28 Litre with Ergo Harness - YM2810E
28 Litre with Cross-over Harness - YM2810C
36 Litre with Support+ Harness - YM3610S
36 Litre with Ergo Harness - YM3610E
36 Litre with Cross-over Harness - YM3610C

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