Regular Buckets

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Harvestwear’s regular fruit picking buckets have been, and still are, the workhorse of the pip fruit industry for over two decades.  These buckets are also well suited for stonefruit harvesting, in particular the smaller capacity buckets.  Designed and engineered for use in demanding situations, these buckets are exceptionally functional and simple in their operation.
  • Firm, comfortable shoulder pads with fully adjustable buckles
  • Polyurethane foam casing
  • Strong nylon oxford liner (also available with a soft velour finish for handling sensitive skinned fruit)
  • Abrasion resistant PVC wear strips
  • Tough, durable, polyethylene shell protects the fruit from bruising
  • Simple, easy-to-use rope and hook catch system
  • Long liner extension relieves back strain when releasing fruit


Available in 14 litre, 21 litre and 28 litre capacities.


14L - B14
21L - B21
28L - B28

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